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What is a Chapter?

Chapters are values-aligned groups of farmers working towards a common vision.


How do I become an official Chapter?

The process for becoming a Chapter generally follow this path:

1) Express interest by emailing

2) Meet with the Coalition Manager to discuss if the Chapters model is right for your farming community, to get a sense of what your community’s needs are, and if working with Young Farmers is right for you.

3) Build a leadership team and think through the needs of your farming community.

4) Organize a gathering where you bring farmers in your area together.

5) In conversation with the Coalition Manager, decide if you want to become a formal Chapter.

6) Sign the Chapter Agreement and celebrate with a community event!


Can I start a Chapter if I’m not in the United States or its territories?

Because the National Young Farmers Coalition focuses on policy changes within the United States, we don’t currently support Chapters in other countries.


Can I start a Chapter on my own so that I can meet people?

Chapters are a team-based organizing approach to building community power and mobilizing farmers to be advocates. While individuals can kick off the process of starting a Chapter, they need to be willing and able to work as an organizing team.


What do Chapters do?

The strength of Chapters is that they tailor their work to the needs of their communities. Some Chapters run educational programs, while others organize events to bring growers together. Some Chapters run disaster relief programs, while others create cultural spaces. All Chapters mobilize their communities to advocate for structural change, in coordination with our national campaigns.


What if I’m not a farmer but am a farmer advocate? Can I start a chapter?

Chapters are meant to be farmer-led, but advocates can certainly be part of the team! At least half of the Leadership Team will need to consist of folks actively farming.


What geography should my Chapter cover? What size region/community does a Chapter organize?

Although there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the size of the region to organize, there are a few points to consider. 1) Be realistic about how far people will travel for events. You do not want to stretch yourself too thin. 2) What will you be able to organize around–a foodshed, a legislative district, something else? Only Chapters created before 2017 may be statewide.









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